Real combat, ES6, React and Three r86

I realise it's been a very long time in between updates, but I'm writing to tell you that Project GoldScript is not dead. Far from it!

About Project GoldScript

Project GoldScript is a game development project composed of two parts. The first of these parts is a game logic and rendering engine called the GoldScript Engine, the second is an original RPG which will be made using this engine.

Latest Posts

Sprites, shadows, turns, rounds, movement & pathfinding

With this video, I'm happy to say that unit sprites, shadows, movement, path finding, rounds, turns and very basic AI are now all fully functioning within the engine.

Dark Orbonne Monastery

A few weeks ago now, I had an idea in my head to produce a video for Halloween this year showcasing the very first combat map from Final Fantasy Tactics - Orbonne Monastery - recreated with our engine but with a darker twist.

A quick first look at the combat level building tool

The combat level building tool is coming along nicely, and to celebrate, I've uploaded a quick video to showcase its progress. This is also the first look at the latest version of the rendering engine after having made the switch from sheetengine to three.js